The Research Congress is an ideal platform for researchers to share their findings and to open avenues for innovation and collaboration. Authors are invited to submit their original work to be presented at the Research Congress through the Microsoft CMT system. Submissions will be subjected to blind review. Details of ALL AUTHORS must be added to the "Authors" section of the submission page, and the corresponding author should be indicated. The Editorial Board reserves the right to change the theme of the abstract identified by the authors to a more relevant Theme, if necessary. Results presented or published elsewhere will not be considered.

Complete submissions should include:
  1. Blind abstract (not including author names)
  2. Blind extended abstract
  3. Author declaration form - can be emailed to after the abstract is accepted
  4. Author checklist

Once accepted, abstracts, together with reviewer comments, will be made available to authors. Final camera-ready submission is required, which should include suggested changes to the abstract. Further details on the format of camera-ready submissions will be notified to the authors of accepted papers. Please note that accepted abstracts must be presented by one of the authors. Authors are expected to inform the Editorial Board or take necessary action if they are unavailable to make the presentation. If an accepted abstract is not presented, the authors will not be allowed to submit abstracts for the PGIS Research Congress for three years.

Camera-ready Submission Guidelines

Each author will be given 10 minutes for the presentation, and no time will be allocated for questions after the presentation since there will be a panel discussion at the end. Please refer technical session’s program for more details.

The session chairpersons will be instructed to strictly adhere to the above time limit. We expect support of the presenters to conduct the sessions successfully.

Authors are instructed to prepare their presentations in PowerPoint format (or LaTeX beamer) covering maximum of 10-15 slides to comply with the above time allocation. Please send your PowerPoint/PDF Presentation to your host (copied to by Sunday the 31st of October, 2020. Please specify your Abstract ID when sending the document.

If you are in an affected/locked down area, or simply do not wish to do a in-person presentation because of safty issues due to the current pandemic, you may do the oral presentation online. Please see the guidelines below, and follow accordingly for online poster presentation

Presentation Preparation GuidelinesOnline Presentation GuidelinesPowerPoint(2022) Presentation Template

Prepare the poster according to the template below, and send it to your host by 31th of October 2020.

Since we have finalized the method to deliver the poster online, please come back and check for the link below to update.

There will be an overall panel discussion for both oral and poster presenters at the end of each session and all the presenters are expcted to actively participate in the discussion. Please refer technical session's program for more details.

Posters should be prepared according to the template given below.

  1. The height and width of the poster shall be 90 cm and 120 cm respectively (3' high × 4' wide).
  2. The poster should carry title, name and affiliations of authors, introduction, methods, results and discussion, conclusions, references and acknowledgement (if there is any).
  3. A sample poster template is provided with the suggested minimum font sizes. Authors may change the arrangement in the template and use a suitable font type/ color (suggestions are provided in the template). Logo of RESCON2022 should be included in the top right hand corner.
Poster TemplateOnline Poster Presentation Guidelines
(Link will be updated soon)

Since this is an online presentation, the participants can join the live presentation anytime. You can switch between sessions, and even switch between presentations. However, your audio will be off for the duration of the session. You can communicate with the panelists (chairs, host and presenters) using the chat. You can ask questions using the chat. We will give a set of guidelines soon.

Online Participant Guidelines
(Link will be updated soon)

The abstract should summarize the methods, results, and conclusions of the study. If accepted, abstracts will be published in the 'Proceedings of the Postgraduate Institute of Science Research Congress 2022'. Format: Abstracts should be limited to one A4 sized page, with a left margin of 3.0 cm, and all other margins kept at 2.5 cm. The font 'Times New Roman' of size 12 should be used with single line spacing. All abstracts must be written and submitted in English, using Microsoft Word (2007 or later). Title: should be brief and should reflect the study carried out. The letters should be bold uppercase and centre-aligned. Scientific names in the title should be written in uppercase italics. For more detailed guidelines on formatting visit (See abstract guidelines for further details)

Inclusion of an extended abstract is mandatory for reviewing. The formatting of the extended abstract should be similar to that of the abstract, giving priority to the results and discussion, within 2-3 pages. Figures and tables should be clearly presented and be included within the stipulated page limits. The extended abstract should be organized under the following subtopics:

  1. Title
  2. Introduction (with objectives)
  3. Materials and Methods
  4. Results
  5. Discussion
  6. Conclusion/s (with outcomes)
  7. References