Postgraduate Institute of Science

Research Congress 2018

9th & 10th November 2018,
University of Peradeniya,
Sri Lanka.

About the Event

The PGIS Research Congress is the major annual research conference of the Postgraduate Institute of Science. The Congress provides an exciting opportunity to share knowledge and network with scientists from across Sri Lanka and abroad, through the presentation of cutting edge research.

Advisory Panel

  • Vice Chancellor, University of Peradeniya (Prof. U.B. Dissanayake)
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of Peradeniya (Prof. R.L. Wijeyeweera)
  • Director, PGIS
  • Dean, Faculty of Science (Prof. S.R. Kodituwakku)
  • Chairperson, BoS/Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Prof. J.G.S. Ranasinghe)
  • Chairman, BoS/Chemical Sciences (Prof. B.M.R. Bandara)
  • Chairman, BoS/Earth Sciences (Prof. H.M.T.A. Pitawala)
  • Chairman, BoS/Environmental Science (Mr. L.R.K. Perera, representing Chairman)
  • Chairman, BoS/Mathematics (Dr. A.A.S. Perera)
  • Chairman, BoS/Physics (Dr. L.R.A.K. Bandara)
  • Chairman, BoS/Statistics and Computer Science (Prof. P. Wijekoon)
  • Chairperson, BoS/Science Education (Prof. H.M.S.P. Madawala)
  • Chairperson, BoS/Plant Sciences (Dr. W.A.M. Daundasekara)
  • Chairperson, BoS/Zoological Sciences (Dr. S.K. Yatigammana)
  • Director, National Institute of Fundamental Studies (Prof. S.H.P.P. Karunaratne)
  • Chairman, PGIS ResCon-2017(Dr. A.A.S. Perera)
  • Secretary, PGIS ResCon-2017 (Dr. H.A.I.R. Perera)
  • Immediate Past Director, PGIS (Prof. B.S.B. Karunaratne)
  • Immediate Past Congress Chair, PGIS ResCon (Dr. L.R.A.K. Bandara)
  • Immediate Past Congress Secretary, PGIS ResCon (Dr. W.A.I.P. Karunaratne)

Main Organizing Committee

  • Director, PGIS
  • Director, NIFS (Prof. S.H.P.P. Karunaratne)
  • Chairman, PGIS ResCon –2017 (Dr. A.A.S. Perera)
  • Secretary, PGIS ResCon –2017 (Dr. H. A.I.R. Perera)
  • Deputy Registrar, PGIS (Mrs. W.M.D. P. Hulugalla)
  • Convener, Ceremonial sub-committee (Dr. N. C. Bandara)
  • Convener, Editorial sub-committee (Prof. G.A.D. Perera)
  • Convener, Food & Entertainment sub-committee (Dr. B.S. Dassanayake)
  • Convener, Fund raising sub-committee
  • Convener, Logistics sub-committee (Dr. S.K. Yatigammana)
  • Convener, Media and Publicity sub-committee (Dr. C.P. Jayalath)
  • Convener, Registration sub-committee (Prof. R. Fernando)
  • Convener, “Research Highlights of the PGIS” sub-committee (Prof. H.M.S.P. Madawala)
  • Convener, Technical Programme sub-committee (Dr. W.A.I.P. Karunaratne)
  • Immediate Past Congress Chair, PGIS ResCon (Dr. L.R.A.K. Bandara)
  • Immediate Past Congress Secretary, PGIS ResCon (Dr. W.A.I.P. Karunaratne)
  • President, YRF


  • Registration: Prof. R. Fernando (Convener) Dr. W.A.P.P. de Silva Dr. S.C.K. Rubasinghe Dr. N.C. Bandara Dr. H.K.I. Perera/Fac. of Medicine Prof. A. Dangolla/Fac. of Veterinary Science Dr. M.A.J.C. Marasinghe/ Fac. of Allied Health Science Dr. D.N. Maganaarachchi/ IFS Mrs. S.G. Rajapura (Assistant Registrar/PGIS) Secretary/YRF
  • Logistics: Dr. S.K. Yatigammana (Convener) Dr. A.C.A. Jayasundara Dr. S. Kumburegama Dr. S.S. Gunathilake Dr. J.W. Damunupola Mrs. W.M.D.P. Hulugalla (Deputy Registrar/PGIS) Mr. G.N. Priyalanka/PGIS Mr. S. Dasanayake/PGIS Vice President/YRF
  • Media-Publicity: Dr C.P. Jayalath (Convener) Prof. J.G.S. Ranasinghe Dr. M. Meegaskumbura Dr. R.J.K.U. Ranathunga Dr. S.P.K. Malaviarachchi Dr. R.D. Nawarathna Dr. K. Perera Mr. A.N. Amarasinghe Mr. B. Abeysinghe Mr. M. Amalan Mr. I. Dharmasena Editor/YRF
  • Food and Entertainment: Dr. B.S. Dassanayake (Convener) Dr. L.R.A.K. Bandara Dr. G.A.N. Suranjith Dr. J.A. Weliwita Dr. S. Athukorala Dr. U.J.M.A.L. Jayasinghe (Dept. of Radiography and Radiotherapy, AHS) Ms. K.G.A.J. Iddamalagoda/PGIS Mr. P.K.K. Kumarasinghe Mr. R.K.K.G.R.G. Kumarasinghe
  • Ceremonial: Dr. N. C. Bandara (Convener) Prof. S. Rajapakse Dr. K.M.G.G. Jayasooriya Dr. C.V. Hettiarachchi Deputy Registrar/PGIS Mrs. M.H.M.I.W. Jayawardhana/PGIS Mr. H.S.Y. Gannile Mrs. I. Dissanayake/PGIS Mrs. D.T.K. Iranganee/PGIS Treasurer/YRF
  • Fundraising: Director PGIS Mr. H.C.D.L Silva (Director-General/NSF -BoM member) Dr. W.A.I.P. Karunaratne Mr. S. Bandara Mr. I. Hannifa/PGIS (BoM member)
  • Research Highlights of the PGIS: Prof. H.M.S.P. Madawala (Convener) Dr. S. Kumburegama Dr. A.M.T.A. Gunaratne Dr. R.D. Nawarathna Dr. B.M.K. Pemasiri Dr. J.M.S. Jayasinhe Ms. K. Abeykoon
  • Technical Programme Committee: Dr. W.A.I.P. Karunaratne (Convener) Dr. R.J.K.U. Ranathunga Dr. O.E. Dayarathne

Editorial Sub-Committee

  • Prof. G.A.D. Perera (Editor-in-Chief)
  • Dr. L.S. Nawarathna
  • Dr. S.P. Abeysundara
  • Dr. H. A.C.K. Ariyaratne
  • Mr. L.A.A.D.B. Liyandeniya/PGIS
Experts for Themes
  • Physical Sciences: Prof. B.M.R. Bandara Prof. B.S.B. Karunaratne Dr. V.A. Seneviratne Dr. V.N Seneviratne
  • Life Sciences: Dr. C.L. Abayasekara Prof. J.P. Edirisinghe Prof. J.G.S. Ranasinghe Dr. J.W. Damunupola
  • Earth and Environmental Sciences: Mr. L.R.K. Perera Prof. H.M.T.A. Pitawala Prof. A.N. Navaratne Dr. S.K. Yatigammana
  • ICT, Mathematics and Statistics: Dr.. A.A.S. Perera Dr. A.J. Pinidiyaarachchi Dr. J.A. Weliwita
  • Science Education: Prof. A.D.L.C. Perera Dr. W.D. Chandrasena Dr. T.M.S.S.K. Yatigammana


Research presentations will be held under five broad themes.

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Information & Communication Technology (ICT),
Mathematics and Statistics
Life Sciences
Physical Sciences
Science Education

Important Dates

●   Calling for Abstracts: 22nd May 2018
●   Deadline for Abstracts: 30th June 2018   22nd July 2018
●   Notification of Acceptance 31st August 2018
●   Submission of Revised Abstracts 15th September 2018
●   Early Bird Registration: 1st September  -   9th October 2018
●   Regular Registration: 10th October  -  31st October 2018

Submit an Abstract

Novel research may be submitted for either oral or poster presentation at the PGIS RESCON 2018. Submissions should include the abstract (for publishing in the Proceedings); the extended abstract (for reviewing); the signed author declaration form; and the completed author checklist.

Completed submissions can be made through the PCMS website

Log on to PCMS Site


Registration for the Congress provides access to the Congress dinner, printed material including the Proceedings and Technical programme, and lunch & refreshments during technical sessions.

Early Bird Registration
1st September - 9th October

● Students Rs. 750/=
● Others Rs. 1250/=
● International Registrants USD 75

Regular Registration
10th October - 31st October

● Students Rs. 1250/=
● Others Rs. 2000/=
● International Registrants USD 100

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