About PGIS

PGIS Industrial Support Programme


Organizing trainings, workshops and short courses to support solving industrial problems.

Research & Development

Research and development projects to develop new products, new processes based on requirements.

Bigdata Analysis

PGIS's Data Science Unit provides Spark based cluster for Bigdata Analytics using Hortonworks Data platform.

Analytical Support

Analytical support from PGIS instruments and in collaboration with Science Industry Interaction Cell, Faculty of Science, University of Peradeniya and Research Institutes at discount rates.

New Masters Programmes

Development of new Masters degree programmes to address knowledge and qualification requirements of industries and their employees.


Assisting industrial executives/managers to obtain higher degrees including Masters Degrees, Master of Philosophy Degrees and Doctorates, in order to become educationally qualified, creative and competitive.

Core industrial oriented research and development areas of PGIS

Mineral based Value Added Products

Our researchers are capable of synthesizing materials and products using mineral/earth resources for industrial, biomedical, electronic, environmental and construction fields. There are product oriented research activities on marbles, apatite, laterites, mica, magnetite, graphite, rare earth deposits, mineral sands and value addition on gem minerals.

Pharmaceuticals and healthcare products

Pharmaceutical products can be synthesized under synthetic organic chemistry and natural products sections. Other healthcare products such as smart surgical gloves, devices, sensors, sanitizers and medical equipment can be developed.

Agricultural and Food product development

Post-harvesting technologies, new food products with good nutrition values, foods with low glycemic index and food products with medicinal value can be developed. Agricultural products such as equipment, fertilizers, pesticides, antimicrobial products, weedicides and sustainable agriculture products can be developed under PGIS industrial platform.

Cosmetics and Nutraceuticals

Natural products based cosmetics & nutraceuticals, mineral based cosmetics (Eg. Talk Powders), fragrances, antimicrobial creams, anti-aging products, anti-wrinkle products, sun protection creams and any other requirement.

Packaging solutions

Smart packaging developments such as packages with barrier properties to keep long shelf-life, spoilage indicating packages, heat resistant packages, biopolymer based package development, biodegradable packaging materials and ethylene scavenging packages.

Waste to products, waste treatment and waste minimization technologies

Some wastes can be converted into useful products and energy. Industrial wastes can be used as raw-materials to develop another industry. With this idea PGIS researchers are capable of developing technologies to minimize wastes and to convert waste into useful products.

Research Engagement Models

Invest on already competed project/product to commercialize

Investors are invited to invest on already completed projects with commercial potential in order to bring the project to next level of commercialization. Please fill form in the link to enter this programme as an investor. We will inform patented project list for your consideration.

Fund a research assistant

The industry or investor is allowed to submit a research proposal or research idea. PGIS can provide suitable research assistant to work full time on project subjecting to research agreements prepared case by case. The research assistant can be an M.Phil. student working full time for minimum 2 years, PhD student working full time minimum for 3 years or M.Sc. student working on 1 year research project.

Client R & D projects

3-12 months research and development projects can be provided to PGIS. The PGIS expert team of the relevant area will evaluate and have initial discussions with the client. Then PGIS will develop a research proposal with inputs of the client. When the client is satisfied with the proposal, PGIS will start the project. Please note that PGIS is taking a research engagement fee to develop a research proposal which will be waved off after engaging with the project.

Industrial and Entrepreneurship Support for PGIS Students and Alumni

Annual Workshop on Business Entrepreneurship, Startups and Technology Transfer

This annual workshop is organized in collaboration with Startup X Foundry, an organization dedicated to assist startups. This event is also facilitated by resources persons at Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology and Industrial Technology Institute.

PGIS startup/spinoff programme

PGIS students and alumni are given a golden opportunity to start their own businesses through their own innovations and research activities. Other than PGIS spinoff programme, PGIS students are also given opportunity to pitch their business ideas to the startup engine of Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology (SLINTEC) based on their willingness.


With GSMB Technical Services (Pvt) Ltd.

GSMB Technical Services (Pvt) Ltd. engaged with PGIS and invested in a project on Value Addition to Calcite Deposits at Balangoda. The project focuses on geological and geochemical investigations of calcite deposits in Balangoda and synthesis of value added products from selected deposits.

With Texco International (Pvt) Ltd.

Texco International (Pvt) Ltd, engaged with PGIS to develop a range of value-added products from Sri Lankan naturally occurring zircon sands at Pulmoddai deposit. The project focuses on establishing a Processing plant/Factory on manufacture of products from zircon sand for national and international market.

PGIS Industrial Outreach Sub-Committee