Industrial and Entrepreneurship Support for PGIS Students and Alumni

PGIS startup/spinoff programme

PGIS students and alumni are given a golden opportunity to start their own businesses through their own innovations and research activities. This effort is important in industrial and economic development of Sri Lanka. Assistance is provided for students to start their businesses by providing knowledge, investment through connecting investors, business registration assistance, marketing & advertising supports, quality assurance testing & characterization of materials and R & D facilities from internal laboratories. All startups are initiated with annual workshop, pitching session and patenting idea. Students should sign non-disclosure agreements. PGIS is organizing the workshop first and then call for applications for pitching their ideas at expert panel. The evaluation expert panel selects the best projects to move forward. Then, the selected candidates are encouraged to protect their IP by filing a patent at national intellectual property office, Sri Lanka.

Other than PGIS spinoff programme, PGIS students are also given opportunity to pitch their business ideas to the startup engine of Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology (SLINTEC) based on their willingness.

Investors are also given opportunity to fund PGIS startup based on their willingness to contribute to develop a new industry in Sri Lanka. Here the investors will become shareholders of the startup. Please press below buttons to join with our startup programme.