Postgraduate Institute of Science

University of Peradeniya

Two day E- Workshop on Application of Molecular Techniques in
Vector-borne Disease Research

18th & 19th December, 2021

Organized by Board of Study in Zoological Sciences, Postgraduate Institute of Science,
University of Peradeniya

Vector-borne diseases have become responsible for many disease outbreaks, significantly affecting human mortality and economic loss. It is crucial to detect, identify and effectively respond to these diseases in order to reduce the disease burden. The rise of molecular techniques has played a prominent role in detecting vectors, infectious agents and control follow-ups. This e-workshop aims to address molecular techniques employed in the diagnosis of vectors (mainly mosquitoes, ticks, sandflies) and pathogens, to update the scientific community with regard to potential areas of applied research in vector-borne diseases with special emphasis to Sri Lanka. Further, this forum is designed to enhance the capability of participants in tackling independent analyses of their own research data and to provide theoretical background prior to any practical applications.

On successful completion of the workshop participants will be able to gain a detailed knowledge on,

Modules covered

All the sessions will be followed by,

Potential participants

The workshop is ideal for researchers and students who has an interest in learning more about arthropod disease vectors and pathogens, their fascinating biology, ecology, and control measures.

Certificate of participation

Participation Certificate will be awarded for those who complete 80% of the workshop sessions.

Registration fee

Local - 1500 LKR
Foreign - 20 USD

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10th December, 2021