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November 3-4, 2023

The Premier Postgraduate Research Congress of Sri Lanka.

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RESCON 2022 - Completed Successfully The Annual Research Congress of the Postgraduate Institute of Science was held successfully on the 28th, 29th, and 30th October 2022. The Inauguration Ceremony was held at the PGIS, and the Technical Sessions, which featured 250 abstracts and 5 invited speeches, were carried out successfully online.


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About PGIS RESCON 2023

The PGIS Research Congress is the major annual research conference of the Postgraduate Institute of Science. The congress provides an excellent platform to share knowledge and network with scientists across the country and abroad through the presentation of cutting-edge research.

The Congress will be held on the 3rd, and 4thof November 2023. The Inauguration Ceremony, together with the keynote speech by a distinguished scientist will be held on the 3rd of November.

Technical Sessions of RESCON 2023 will be held on 3rd and 4th of November at the PGIS, and international participants will attend online.

The RESCON 2023 will be condcuted under the themes of Earth & Environmental Sciences, ICT, Mathematics, & Statistics, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Science Education
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RESCON 2022 in Pictures.

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Guidelines for in-person check-in at the RESCON23 venue
Prof. Kosala Weerakoon

scan the QR code

Due to the crowd, we will not be able to accept payments and register any new participants at the venue. .

Online participants/presenters, you do not need to explicitly check-in.

For in-person participants,

1. There will be three types of registration desks;
A. for presenters and participants (paid) – several desks at the main entrance, inside the building -A
B. for invited guests, committee members, and session chairs – one desk at the main entrance, inside the building –A
C. for Faculty of Science undergraduate students – one desk at the PGIS parking garage entrance -C
2. For presenters, participants, and students; we have two parallel registration check-in methods, and you have to go through both.
3. Access the RESCON23 app at This is a secure web app; no download or installation is needed. (you might have to type in on the address bar of the phone web browser and avoid auto-correct)

Note this QR is only to access the app; the registration QR code is different, and it is only available at the desks.
You can now access the program, session lineup, etc., on your phone and any computer.

At the registration check-in desk; (open by 7.30 a.m.).
4. The app home screen and the side menu have ‘QR scan’ option; access that option and give permission to the secure app to access your phone camera.
5. There will be a Printed QR code on the registration desk; scan the QR. (this is not the aove QR)
6. Enter some of your information (abstract ID / part of your name / last 3 digits of the student registration number …)
7. Find your record and check-in online.
8. After (or before) online check-in, you must also sign the physical signature sheet on the desk.
9. If you can’t find your online record on the app, don’t worry. The check-in desk staff will assist you.
Abstract Submission Guidelines
Abstract submission will start on the 1st March, 2023. To ensure that the abstract review process is streamlined, kindly read the General Guidelines

Be sure to use the templates provided to submit the abstract and the extended abstract

Abstract submission deadline is the 30th of July, 2023.

We are looking into all the possibilities of making the conference an in-person one, with the exception of online presentations on request under special circumstances, and for international presenters. We will keep you posted on any development.
Please read the abstract submission guidelines below. Since we get more than 200 abstracts for each RESCON, we want to streamline the process so that it is easier for the reviewers.

For RESCON 2023, we will propocess the submitted abstract and make sure they are ready for review process, this will be done by our editorial assistants.

Abstract Guidelines Submission Checklist Author Declaration Form

Kindly use the following two templates when you prepare your camera ready abstract and extended abstract

If you do not use the templates, the editorial assistants will contact you and help you put the document to the template.

Camera-Ready Template - RESCON 2023 Camera-Ready Guide - RESCON 2023

Please use these details about registration.

Local Students

Registration Type

Registration Fee

Early Bird Registration

(On or before 15/10/2023)

LKR 2000

Regular Registration

(On or before 25/10/2023)

LKR 2500

Local Regular

Registration Type

Registration Fee

Early Bird Registration

(On or before 15/10/2023)

LKR 2500

Regular Registration

(On or before 25/10/2023)

LKR 3000


Registration Type

Registration Fee

Early Bird Registration

(On or before 15/10/2023)

USD 40

Regular Registration

(On or before 25/10/2023)

USD 50

Online Registration Link

Before you submit the abstract, be sure that

  • You have the abstract with you as an MS word document prepared according to the template
  • you have the extended abstract with you as an MS word document prepared according to the template
Submit an Abstract
Speakers of RESCON 2023

Keynote Speaker

Prof. Kosala Weerakoon

Prof. Kosala Weerakoon

Professor in Medical Parasitology

Prof. Kosala Weerakoon is a well accomplished scholar and educator currently serving as Professor in Medical Parasitology, Faculty of Medicine and Allied Sciences (FMAS), RajarataUniversity of Sri Lanka (RUSL). As a young scientist making remarkable strides in his field ofexpertise, Prof. Weerakoon is an influential figure with an impressive academic background anda proven track record of groundbreaking research.

He holds a Ph.D in Parasitology from the University of Queensland, and QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, Brisbane, Australia, where his research focused on tropical infections and novel diagnostics. With over one decade of professional experience, Prof. Weerakoon has held key positions in academia. He served as the Head of the Department of Parasitology,FMAS, RUSL, and currently, he is a Visiting-Scientist at QIMR-Berghofer Medical Research Institute, Brisbane, Australia, a Visiting-Lecturer at Faculty of Medicine, Wayamba University of Sri Lanka, and a fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health, UK. This invaluable experience has fortified his interdisciplinary approach to research to drive meaningful advancements in the field of tropical infectious diseases.

Throughout his career, Prof. Weerakoon has been honored with multiple prestigious awards,scholarships, and research grants, highlighting his exceptional contributions to the scientific community. His expertise in the field of tropical infectious diseases has resulted over 50 journal publications in esteemed peer-reviewed scientific journals, with over 1500 citations from fellow researchers worldwide.

In addition to his recent research that focuses on the development of novel molecular tools to improve the diagnosis of many tropical infectious diseases, he is a passionate advocate for public engagement and scientific outreach. He has consistently sought opportunities to communicate his research findings to wider audiences, fostering a greater understanding and appreciation for the field of parasitology.

Chief Guest of RESCON 2023
Prof. Kosala Weerakoon

Prof. Ranjith Senaratne

Chairman - National Foundation of Science

Prof. Ranjith Senaratne, former Senior Professor of Crop Science, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ruhuna, possesses over 40 years of experience in higher education, including teaching, research and administration and community development. He has held several senior administrative positions with distinction for a period of over 20 years, i.e. the posts of Dean, Faculty of Agriculture and Vice-Chancellor, University of Ruhuna, Chairman of the Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Directors, Chairman of the Ocean University and Vice Chairman, University Grants Commission. Presently, he serves as Chairman of the National Science Foundation and will be the General President of the Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science in 2023.

As Vice Chancellor, University of Ruhuna, he has been strongly committed to promoting academic excellence, high impact research, creative enterprise, strategic partnership with industry, community development and international cooperation. In recognition of his outstanding contribution in education, science, community development and international cooperation, the University of Durham, UK conferred an honorary Doctorate (honoris causa) on him in 2007.

Prof. Senaratne has been the recipient of several internationally competitive and prestigious research grants, i.e. from the Board on Science and Technology for International Development (BOSTID) of the National Research Council of the USA and has held several coveted fellowships, including the Andre Mayer Fellowship of the FAO and the Marie Curie Fellowship of the European Community. He is a Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences and has over 100 research communications and papers to his credit. In addition, he has written and edited over 10 books related to agriculture, higher education, science & technology and national development.

Prof. Senaratne has provided strategic, inspirational and operational leadership to higher educational institutions, and he is a visionary leader and an institution builder.


Plenary Speakers 2023

RESCON2023: Main Organizing Committee

Prof. H. M. T. G. A. Pitawala Director/PGIS
Dr. Thilini Weeraratne Chairperson/RESCON 2023
Dr. Kapila Wijayaratne Secretary/RESCON 2023
Prof. Charmalie Abayasekara Editor-in-chief/RESCON 2023
Ms. Shiromi Rajapura Convener/Ceremonial Committee
Mr. Nadun Madanayake Convener/Food and Entertainment Committee
Dr. Tharindu Dewasurendra Convener/Logistics Committee
Dr. Manjula Wijesinghe Convener/Media and Publicity Committee
Dr. Buddhi Nanayakkara Convener/Registration Committee
Dr. Udeni Wijesooriya Convener/Technical Programme Committee
Prof. Priyanka de Silva Convener/PGIS Highlights Committee
Dr. Ashwini Amarasinghe Convener/International Relations Committee