Masters in Plant Sciences


Plant Science like any other science is expanding rapidly while the undergraduate courses are becoming interdisciplinary and more and more broad-based. Consequently, during the undergraduate courses it has become impossible to provide a truly comprehensive course in Plant Biology. The proposed M.Sc. programme is designed to provide an in-depth knowledge of both theoretical and practical aspects of Plant Sciences to prepare graduates for advanced plant sciences study and research and/or suitable employment. This would also broaden student knowledge and understanding of current topics and also develop skills in some of these topics.

With the commencement of the Course Unit System in most Sri Lankan Universities, the students have the option of selecting courses of their interest and this could hinder a student from acquiring a complete and sound knowledge of all essential components of the Plant Sciences. This proposed M.Sc. programme in Plant Sciences aims to provide graduate students (especially those who have followed a General Degree Course) a good opportunity to gain an advanced and comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge in certain areas of Plant Sciences.

Most applicants quite rightly are concerned about their employment prospects after completing a Masters. This M.Sc. programme would definitely provide a sound training in a range of skills in the field of plant Sciences. We also have a well-qualified teaching panel from various universities and research institutes, which is an asset for the success of a Masters programme in this category. The course content of this M.Sc. programme was specially designed by the resource persons aiming employment opportunities in the government as well as in the private sector by providing the students with an in -depth knowledge in certain important areas in Plant Sciences. This would also provide students with an opportunity to select certain modules of their choice to match their educational background and career aspirations and would definitely make the graduates more attractive in the employment market. The M.Sc. programme in Plant Sciences aims not only to provide students with hands-on practical, laboratory and field experience, but also a solid grounding for those anticipating to embark on a research career.