Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology

Technology is becoming an essential tool in education. Among many, Information Technology (IT) is playing a vital and significant role in education. As such educators’ literacy in IT is of paramount importance for introducing new teaching and learning paradigms.

The programme covers the essential area of IT useful for educators and web designers and focuses on training personnel in the core concepts of IT linked with education technology or web design and development.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology (PG. Dip. in IT) programme will be conducted on a course unit basis. This is a full time programme consisting of coursework.

After being admitted to the programme, each student will be assigned to an academic advisor, whose advice should be sought when planning the Diploma Programme. English will be the medium of instruction.

Course work will be conducted over a period of two semesters of 15 – weeks each (during weekends and/or weekdays). Satisfactory completion of a minimum of 24 credit units of course work is required to qualify for the Diploma in IT. The programme is structured into three stages as follows.

  1. Beginners who commence with little or no programming experience must successfully complete the three preliminary courses.
  2. All students must complete all the five compulsory core courses.
  3. Students must complete five approved elective courses according to their interest in one of the following specialties:
    1. IT for Education
    2. IT for Web Design and Development
Course Code Course Lecture Hours Practical Hours Credits
Preliminary Courses
SC 404 Introduction to Mathematics 15 0 1
SC 405 Introduction to Computers 10 10 1
SC 406 Introduction to Programming 10 10 1
Semester I (Core Courses)
SC 561 Computer Application Fundamentals 30 30 3
SC 562 Programming Principles 30 30 3
SC 563 System Analysis and Design 25 10 2
SC 564 Introduction to Database Systems 15 30 2
SC 565 Computer Architecture 30 - 2
Semester II (Elective Courses)
SC 566 Communication Networks 30 - 3
SC 567 Educational Technologies 30 30 3
SC 568 Research Methodology 20 20 2
SC 569 Advanced Programming Techniques 30 30 3
SC 570 Implementation of Database Applications 60 2
SC 571 Document Markup Languages 30 2
SC 572 Web Page Construction 60 2
SC 573 Software Design and Development 30 2
SC 574 Mini Project in Computer Science 90 3
SC 575 Programming Web Applications 30 30 3
SC 576 Web Servers and Web Technologies 20 20 2

Student Type Programme Fee
Local Candidates Rs. 100,000/-
SAARC countries US $ 3,400/-
Other Countries US $ 6,800/-

Applicants should possess a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university preferably in sciences or in a related area or equivalent qualification acceptable to the PGIS. Eligibility of candidates is determined according to the performance at an aptitude test and an interview.