Postgraduate Diploma in Science Education

Postgraduate Diploma in Science Education is designed for science graduates who are seeking credentials to become teachers. Science helps children to see the future with an open mind. Children are the treasures of future and, it is the responsibility of the teachers to make young lives prepared to meet the challenges in future. Science teachers have a bigger responsibility than the other teachers in shaping the lives of future generation because of the advances in science and technology.

This programme is designed to have significant impact on science/mathematics teaching and learning in classrooms and raising science/mathematics standards in schools. It helps teachers and prospective teachers in developing themselves to become effective science/mathematics teachers. By obtaining the Postgraduate Diploma in Science Education they will be eligible to apply for the M.Sc. in Science Education programme offered by the Postgraduate Institute of Science (PGIS.) The programme is offered only in English medium.

The programme of study consists of 450 hours; 270 hours of coursework (18 credits), 90 hours of teaching practice component in schools (3 credits) and 90 hours of an independent study (3 credits.) To earn the required number of credits, students should take the six compulsory courses including independent study and the teaching practice component to develop capability of teaching. Four optional courses could be selected from the courses offered. (In a given academic year all the courses listed may not be offered.)

Satisfactory completion of a minimum of 24 credits including coursework, teaching practice, independent study with a GPA of not less than 2.75 is required to obtain the Postgraduate Diploma in Science Education.

Course Code Course Lecture Hours Credits
SED 501 World View of Science 30 2
SED 502 Science Education: A Comparative Perspective 30 2
SED 503 Teaching Science & Mathematics for Understanding 45 3
SED 504 Teachers as Researchers 45 3
SED 505 Philosophical Inquiry and Contemporary Issues in Science Education* 30 2
SED 506 Learners and Learning in Context* 30 2
SED 507 Child Development and Psychobiology * 30 2
SED 508 Use of Computers in Teaching Science/Mathematics* 30 2
SED 509 Classroom Management for Science/Mathematics Teaching* 30 2
SED 510 Inclusive Education for Children with Special Needs to Learn Science/Mathematics* 30 2
SED 511 World View of Science 30 2
SED 501 Curriculum Design for Science/Mathematics Teaching* 30 2
SED 512 Assessment Practices in Science/Mathematics Classrooms* 30 2
SED 513 Teaching Practice 90 2
SED 514 Independent Study 90 2
SED 515 Guidance and Counselling in Science/Mathematics Education* 90 2
* Optional courses

Student Type Programme Fee
Local Candidates Rs. 60,000/-
SAARC countries US $ 2,000/-
Other Countries US $ 6,000/-

The candidates possessing a Bachelor’s Degree (B.Sc.) from a recognized university are eligible to apply for the programme--Postgraduate Diploma in Science Education. Candidates who meet eligibility requirements and successful at the aptitude test and interview will be admitted to the programme.