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Guidelines for Preparing the Camera-Ready copy of the Abstract

Guidelines for Preparing Abstracts

General Guidelines for Presenters and Preparation of Abstracts
  • Authors should upload blind abstracts (leaving out the names of authors and their affiliations, for the purpose of reviewing) for initial submission to the CMT system, and details of ALL AUTHORS must be added to the Authors section of the CMT submission page.
  • Extended abstract will be requested when the review process begins.
  • Abstracts and Extended abstracts submitted with author details will not be considered for reviewing, and authors will be requested to resubmit according to above given instructions.
  • Authors should add names of authors and their affiliations to the abstract only after the abstract has been revised and is ready for final submission.
  • Authors should ensure to leave sufficient space in the Abstract to add names of authors and their affiliations, within the one page limit
  • Abstracts with results presented or published elsewhere will not be considered. If plagiarism is detected, Abstracts will be rejected without further consideration.
  • Editorial Board shall inform authors of acceptance of Abstract for oral or poster presentations based on the peer review process and quality of the study.
  • Authors should send the Author Declaration Form signed by all the authors to the convener of the Editorial Board ( icems2020@pgis.lk ) on or before 15th October, 2019. Reviewing process will not commence until all the relevant documents and information is completed.

The peer reviewed abstracts will be published in the proceedings. Please follow the specified guidelines given below for preparing Abstracts and Extended Abstracts. A template for abstract submission can be downloaded here.

Guidelines for Abstracts

All abstracts must be prepared in English and compatible with MS Word 2010. Use font Times New Roman, and single line spacing. The abstract should be limited to one page, and should be a single paragraph.

The abstract should contain the following (Please use the template for the Abstract provided): 

TITLE - Should be short, specific and reflect the study carried out. It should be in bold, font in size 12, uppercase letters and center aligned. If scientific names of organisms are included, they should be written in uppercase italics. If common or vernacular names follow the scientific name, they should be included in parentheses. There should be two line spaces between the Abstract number and the title. There should be a single line space between the title and name/s of authors. 

NAME/S OF AUTHOR/S – Names of authors to the abstract should add only after the abstract has been revised and is ready for final submission. All initials of the author must be given before the surname. Author names should be in bold, font size 11, lowercase letters and center aligned. Each initial should be followed by a full-stop without a space. Between the last initial and the surname there should be a single space. Presenter’s name should be underlined and the Corresponding author’s name (Primary contact) should be indicated by an asterisk at the end of the name. There should be a single line space between the name/s of authors and affiliation/s.

AFFILIATION/S OF AUTHOR/S - Affiliations of authors should add to the abstract only after the abstract has been revised and is ready for final submission. Affiliations should be in italics, font size 11, lowercase letters (with uppercase letters where necessary) and center aligned. Use superscripted numbering of authors if authors have different affiliations. Each affiliation should be on a separate line. Affiliations should be numbered with the same superscript number used for the respective authors. Superscripted numbers should be placed at the beginning of each affiliation /address and at the end of each author’s name. There should be two-line space between affiliations and the text of the abstract.

ABSTRACT – Should be a short summary of your study. It should be limited to one page, and use font size 12. It should be brief and comprehensive covering all aspects of the study. Begin your abstract with a brief theme sentence stating the overall issue/problem addressed in your study. Then, briefly indicate the main aim or purpose of the study, the academic and/or practical importance of the study, objectives of the study, methodology used, main findings and conclusions. It should be written as a single paragraph and justified. It should not have any sub-headings, figures or tables. References should not be included in the abstract nor listed at the end.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT- Only funding organization/s should be acknowledged with the grant number/s indicated in parenthesis. Acknowledgement should be written as a single sentence in italics. There should be a single line space between the text of the abstract and the acknowledgement.

KEYWORDS - Up to a maximum of 5 keywords in the alphabetical order, separated by commas and followed by a single space, should be placed at the end of the abstract, after the acknowledgement. Each keyword should begin with an uppercase letter. There should be a single line space between the acknowledgement and keywords. 

Spelling - British spelling must be used throughout the text.

Abbreviations & Acronyms - Should be stated in full, the first time they are used in the text, other than for standard abbreviations. Do not use abbreviations & acronyms in the title unless they are unavoidable.

Non-English and Technical Terms - Should be in italics. 

Units: International System of Units (SI) should be used. There should be a single space between the figure/digits and the unit (Example 25 cm).

Guidelines for Extended abstract

Please note that the Extended abstract will not be published in the Proceedings. The Extended abstract is used only for the reviewing process.

When preparing the Extended abstractthe following page-set up should be used.

  • Paper size: A4 ·Margins: 2.5 cm margins, top/bottom/left/right margins
  • Number of pages: 2-3 ·Font size: 12
  • Line spacing: Single ·Font Times: New Roman
  • Page numbering: Bottom right

Title/ Names of author/s and Affiliation/s of author/s should be given as they appear in the abstract.

The text should be organized under the following subheadings:

  1. Title: (followed by names of authors and their affiliations)
  2. Introduction: (with objectives)
  3. Materials and Methods
  4. Results and Discussion
  5. Conclusion/s

Download the author guidelines

Figures and Tables, if any, should be very clear and should be included within the given page limit.

SUBMISSION OF Author Declaration

Download the author declaration form. You should upload a signed copy of author declaration form.

SUBMISSION OF ICEMS Abstract/ Extended Abstract / Author Declaration

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