Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

M.Sc Programmes are advertised in the PGIS website twice a year. The duly filled application which is available at the PGIS web site should be posted to Assistant Registrar, Postgraduate Institute of Science , University of Peradeniya, Peradeniya together with relevant documents mentioned in the application and payment slip for processing fee (Rs. 2000/-)
You can refer the PGIS website and the details of the programmes can be found under “Courses”
An undergraduate degree OR any other qualifications acceptable by the PGIS
Yes, but they should provide the degree certificate/transcript/letter from the registrar of the examination branch of the University within a one month of the commencement of the Masters programme. The effective date should falls before the commencement date of the Masters programme.
• Short listing the applications with relevant qualifications
• an aptitude test
• an interview
No. The students are not allowed to follow any other courses at the PGIS.
Yes. Masters – in 3 Installments, M.Sc. – in 2 Instalments
The Masters degree (SLQF 9) is awarded for the students who follows the course work component and leave the programme without proceeding for a research.
Ex. : Master of Gemology
The M.Sc. (SLQF 10) is awarded for the students who proceed for the one year research component
Ex. : Master of Science in Gemology
Generally, the programmes are conducted in weekends. But in some special situations virtual lectures will be conducted.
The programmes are conducted during weekends although the Masters students are considered as full-time students.
For M.Phil. / Ph.D. , the applications are invited throughout the year
The students can nominate the supervisors by themselves after having discussed with the professional academic staff. The Chairpersons of the relevant Boards of Study can be contacted for any assistance.
Yes. Due to unavoidable circumstances it may change slightly.
Yes , Submit the application for upgrading to the PGIS. The application is available in the PGIS website.
The students have to re-new the registration annually if they do not complete the course in the stipulated period
M.Phil. - 6 yrs. (For full-time students) / 8 yrs. (for part-time students)
Ph.D. - 8 yrs. (For full-time students) / 10 yrs. (for part-time students)
If the students requests to refund the course fee before the commencement of the program, the full payment is refunded.
Within 3 weeks of commencement of the course, the course fee is refunded after retaining 10%.
After three weeks of the commencement, the course fee is not refunded.
You can pay it to bank and can send the scanned slip of bank slip OR can proceed with on-line payment as given directions in the PGIS website.
Students should produce the payment slips to the PGIS or can send the scanned copy of them / order ID (for on-line payments only)to
You have to submit the application in the PGIS website with relevant details and payments.
No payments are needed for a student copy.
On special circumstances with a written request, upon the approval of the Director/PGIS, a sealed transcript is issued.
Upon the approval of the Boards of Study, the results will be issued to the students who have completed their due payments .
For Masters students – After the results recommended by the Coordinating Committee of the PGIS
For M.Phl. / Ph.D. – After the results are recommended by the Board of Management of the PGIS
From the Students Registration Branch of the University of Peradeniya – after the convocation
No. You have to make your own arrangements.