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Masters Degree in Gemmology and Industrial Minerals
Masters Degree in Science Education
Postgraduate Diploma in Science Education



Learn from a distinguished panel of teachers drawn from all Faculties of the University of Peradeniya and from other local and foreign universities and institutes
Get hands-on experience in practical/laboratory training required for industrially oriented jobs, research and development, teaching and higher research degrees locally and internationally
Improve their career prospects by obtaining a postgraduate degree from the University of Peradeniya
Conduct a research project and obtain experience in applying scientific method to solve problems in local/global context (applicable to students following ‘Masters degree programme with course work and a research component’).
May get an opportunity to upgrade to an M.Phil./Ph.D. research degree programme at the PGIS or join a prestigious foreign university for a Ph.D. programme
Masters degree programmes are offered at the PGIS under following categories

Masters by course work (1 year) [Sri Lanka Qualification Framework (SLQF) Level 9]
The ‘Masters Degree by course work’ can be obtained by completing course work only (without conducting any research project).

Masters with course work and a research component (2 years) [SLQF Level 10]
In addition to the requirements for the ‘Masters Degree by course work’, the ‘Masters Degree with course work and a research component’ requires a research project of one year duration. The minimum duration of the entire programme shall be 24 months.

Postgraduate Diploma (1 year) [SLQF Level 8]
The postgraduate Diploma programme in Science Education is of 12 months duration and consists of only taught courses.

Most programmes are conducted generally during week-ends.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Medicine, Surveying or any other equivalent qualification from a recognized university, acceptable to the PGIS. Those who are awaiting results of their final degree examinations may also apply.

The deadline for the receipt of applications for all the Masters degree programmes listed below is 15th June 2020. The programme fee can be paid in full or in two installments (50% at the registration and 50% at the beginning of the second semester) or in three installments (1st installment at the registration, 2nd installment after 4 months from the date of registration and 3rd installment after 8 months from the date of registration).

This Masters programme trains professionals in the exploitation and processing of precious materials and industrial minerals in Sri Lanka through selection, design, recognition, technical analysis and acquisition. The programme provides an advanced knowledge in the natural processes pertaining to the formation of gems or minerals/precious stones/semiprecious stones and quantification of mineral resources.

(Programme Fee - Rs. 150,000/- for 1-year category; Rs. 150,000/- + 30,000/- for 2-year category)

Download: (Course Content) (Application)

The programme is designed especially for science teachers and educationists and for those who could contribute to the development of science education in Sri Lanka. The programme consists of a professional general component of Science Education, and a special component from one of the four subject areas: Biology Education, Chemistry Education, Mathematics Education and Physics Education. In addition, practicals, a research project and a seminar in the special component are also included in the programme. State-of-the-art activity-based and interactive methods of teaching forms a significant part of training. Classes are conducted throughout the week.

(Programme Fee - Rs. 100,000/- for 1-year category; Rs. 100,000/- + 80,000/- for 2-year category)

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This postgraduate Diploma programme in Science Education is designed especially for science graduates who are planning to become teachers and for science teachers who are already employed. Postgraduate diploma programme is of 12 months duration and consists of taught courses. The postgraduate Diploma in Science Education is considered by the Ministry of Education for promotions in the teachers’ service.

(Programme Fee - Rs. 70,000/-)

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Application forms and course contents of the programme/s can be downloaded from the PGIS website. The completed application forms should be submitted/posted with a processing fee of Rs. 2000/- to the

Assistant Registrar,
Postgraduate Institute of Science,
University of Peradeniya,

on or before
15th June 2020

Mode of Payment of Processing Fee (Rs. 2000/-):
(i) Deposit to the PGIS A/C No. 0081041788 at Bank of Ceylon, Peradeniya (Please attach a copy of the Bank Slip with the applicants name)
(ii) By cash: Accepted only at the shroff counter of the PGIS (Currently not available).
(iii) Online payment option: Follow the link Please write the ‘Order ID’ displayed on the Payment Receipt Page upon successful payment.
For details please contact the
Assistant Registrar (Tel.: 081 2394793/2385660 or e-mail:

M.Phil./Ph.D. Research Degree Programmes [SLQF LEVEL 11 AND 12]
M.Phil./Ph.D. (full-time) research degree programmes in several disciplines are also available throughout the year under the following Boards of Study:
1. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
2. Chemical Sciences
3. Earth Sciences
4. Environmental Science
5. Mathematics
6. Physics
7. Plant Sciences
8. Science Education
9. Statistics and Computer Science
10. Zoological Sciences
Registration and Tuition Fees (M.Phil./Ph.D.): Rs. 30,000/- per year.
In addition, candidates are required to pay research project expenses, which may range from 50,000 to 200,000, if not covered by a grant.

M.Phil. programmes are typically of 2 - 3 years duration and Ph.D. programmes are of 3 - 4 years duration. Deserving students may qualify for Research Assistantships offered by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and other agencies, which would also cover the registration and tuition fees.

For details, please contact
the Assistant Registrar
(Tel.: 081-2394793/2385660, e-mail: