Masters in Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology


The M.Sc. programme of study in Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology seeks to provide a sound theoretical knowledge and comprehensive training in engineering geological and hydrogeological principles and their applications. It will also involve imparting of considerable practical experience in the areas of interests to geologists, engineers and other scientists. In Sri Lanka, at present there is a growing need to improve her infrastructure facilities with particular reference to construction of buildings, roads, railways, bridges, sub-way tunnels, overpasses etc., and to develop energy and water resources to meet the requirements of an increasing population. It is important to emphasize that these goals could be achieved only by those having a sound knowledge of geological principles and their applications to civil engineering practices. In this programme it is intended to give an opportunity for the students to get a better insight into the complex inter-relationships of soils, rocks and water.

At present, postgraduate educational opportunities particularly for geologists and civil engineers working in public and private sector organizations in Sri Lanka are limited. A large number of them stand to benefit personally and the country at large if postgraduate training is made available in Sri Lanka for the above fields. This programme is offered by the PGIS and will be conducted by the Department of Geology and the Department of Civil Engineering in collaboration.